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Autism Sports – List of Autism Sports Your Child Will Love

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How can you identify the best sport for your autistic child? Of course, it should be an activity that your kid excels at and enjoys. Autism indeed weakens your child’s ability to interact, which can negatively impact sports. So what is your best resort? Individual sports.

Here are top activities that most children with autism find enjoyable:

1 – Swimming. This is a great sport for a lot of people, and that includes kids with autism. Even if your child finds it hard to handle a ball, he can do well with normal water play. He may even take part in a team because swim team members compete as an individual.

2 – Track. Children with autism may find track and field as a wonderful outlet. This activity does not require much more verbal communication skills than other team sports. Children who do extremely well at the track are valued members of the team.

3 – Horseback riding. This is a costly sport but is excellent for children with autism. A lot of children with autism ride horses as a form of therapeutic activity. Autistic kids communicate with animals better than people.

4 – Biking. Riding a bike can be hard for autistic kids mainly because balance doesn’t come to them naturally. Once your kid can master the skill, though, bike riding is a wonderful way to have fun outdoors. This activity may be enjoyed individually or as a group.

5 – Bowling. This activity is enjoyable for many kids with autism, although the environment in bowling alleys is loud. Probably it’s the cycle, the repetition. He has to bowl twice, then sits down. Or possibly it’s a pleasure of watching the pins crash down.

6 – Everyday activities. If you want your child to engage in team sports, a great way to begin is playing together just for enjoyment. Learn to skate, toss a ball back and forth, or shoot baskets. This will also do wonders for his social and physical abilities. It is also paving more opportunities to bond with your kid.

7 – Hockey. Yes, ice hockey is enjoyed by many children with autism, and you can check out a video about a Washington DC hockey team here.

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