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Butt Lift Common Questions

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The butt lift procedure is gaining popularity with those looking to increase their curviness and physical appeal. Much attention has long been paid to the front of one’s body, such as the breasts, abdomen and face. The backside of the body, however, is an important region, as well. A flabby and drooping derriere can distract from one’s favourable front side, and a butt lift can provide just the necessary transformation.

A perky bottom is sexy, youthful and balances out a person’s physical proportions. Here are some common questions that are often asked about the procedure:

What a butt lift? A plastic surgeon performs this surgical operation to remove excess tissue and then lift and tighten the skin that remains. Another name for this enhancement is gluteoplasty. A gastroplasty would be the appropriate choice for someone who has ample volume in their rear end but needs a bit of tightening up.

What is a Brazilian butt lift, and how does it differ from a gluteoplasty? These two procedures are often confusing, but they are quite different. The Brazilian technique is designed to add fullness. This is done by transferring fat, which is also called adipose tissue, from areas in the body with excessive amounts to regions lacking in it. The abdomen or thighs are often chosen as harvest sites.

How is a fat transfer accomplished? A wonderful thing about the fat transfer is that it utilizes a natural substance already found in one’s own body. This adipose is suctioned via liposuction and purified before being placed in the buttocks region. Liposuction is done by inserting a medical wand called a cannula via tiny incisions and then vacuuming the fat away. Not only are these fatty deposits moved to a portion of the body that needs them, but the removal leaves the chubby region sleeker and more attractive. It is a win-win situation.

How are implants used in buttocks augmentation? If a person is very slender, they may not have enough fat for the Brazilian method. In this case, augmentation of the region can be accomplished with the use of implants. Incisions are made in the butt cheeks, implants are placed, and the area is sutured closed. Where would these operations take place, and who would perform each of them? A reputable plastic surgeon would be the physician of choice to perform any of these procedures. The operations would take place in a hospital or clinic setting under general or local anaesthesia.

How long is the recovery time? Recovery time will vary among individuals depending on body type and healing response. The Brazilian method takes the least time to recuperate, followed by the augmentation with implants and then the lift. Healing time will usually take up to several weeks. You must wear a compression garment similar to a girdle to support the area during the recovery.

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