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Dumb Sports Injuries

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Obviously, injuries are not something that people should laugh about. Injuries threaten the health of the player, their livelihood, and even their future. It can bring down an entire sports team along with the hopes and dreams of countless other people. It is definitely not a laughing matter. But sometimes, one can’t help but laugh (or at least giggle) at how these players manage to get themselves hurt. Sometimes, it is ridiculous, so unbelievable; the only reaction one can give is laughter. Below are 3 examples of some of the dumbest ways these athletes injure themselves on or off the field.

Sammy Sosa’s Sneeze

Sammy Sosa is one of the hardest hitters baseballs has ever seen. In his 18 years in the MLB, he has 609 home runs, 1,667 RBIs and a batting average of .273. He has a physique as big as any player in league with the strength to match. But on a fateful day in 2004, while giving an interview to reporters inside the locker room, Sammy Sosa sneezed twice and immediately complained of back pains. It turns out that Sosa had sprained a ligament in his back on his second sneeze. He had back spasms and was forced to sit out a few games. When he came back, Sosa had one of the weakest years of his career, and it ended with him leaving for another team.

Paulo Diogo’s Ring

Paolo Diogo, a Portuguese soccer player, had just assisted in a goal for the Swiss soccer club, Servette FC. To celebrate the goal, he decided to climb up a fence that surrounded the pitch. While on the fence, his ring accidentally got stuck. Still preoccupied with the celebration, Diogo did not notice this happening. He kept on screaming and shouting, and when he was done, he jumped off the fence; his finger, however, continued to cling onto the fence. Paulo ripped his finger off his hand. As he was on the ground, still feeling the pain of having his finger ripped right off, match officials frantically searched for his finger, which had finally fallen from the fence. The referee, however, did not feel any pity for the player and gave him a yellow card while he was still on the ground.

Barkley’s Hug

Kevin Johnson, a former Phoenix Suns point guard, had spent years and years playing with Charles Barkley. He knew his weaknesses, and he knew his strengths. Unfortunately for Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley didn’t. In 2007, after Johnson had hit a game-winning shot, an overexcited Barkley ran over and gave Johnson a big hug. Actually, a bear hug. A really, really tight bear hug. So tight, in fact, that Kevin Johnson’s shoulder had popped out and got dislocated. Johnson just shot a winning basket and his prize, an over-excited bear hug from one of the strongest players in the league.

Joel “Guitar Hero” Zumaya

In 2006, Joel Zumaya was a rookie for the Detroit Tigers. He had become known for his fiery pitches, which were as consistent as they were fast. His blazing arm had set fire to the league. Unfortunately for the pitcher, he missed three American League Championship Series games because of some inflammation in his arm. His blazing fastballs had finally burned out his pitching arm, right? Well, not quite. The injury turned out to be caused by an overdose of Guitar Hero, the video game. He may have been a guitar hero for a few hours, but he was a zero for three days. GP

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