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Magazine Reviews: Men’s Health

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Originally published in 1987, Men’s Health is the world’s largest men’s magazine featuring advice for men who want to look, feel and live better. Addressing its topics to energetic, successful and professional readers, Men’s Health has become the one-stop source for men who look for greater control over their physical, mental and emotional state.

Each issue of Men’s Health features insightful articles on fitness, fashion, health, nutrition, travel, finance, relationships and groundbreaking gear. Knowledgable journalists join forces with experienced professionals who provide valuable information on important issues that concern men of all ages.

The experienced columnists of Men’s Health know that you cannot accomplish a well-structured body only at the gym. In addition to the weekly workout, men need the right amount of vitamins and the proper nutritional ingredients. To that end, the magazine provides quick and easy recipes that can be prepared instantly in the “Eat This, Not That!” section. Containing all the necessary ingredients that the body needs after a workout, Men’s Health provides reliable, informative tips on living longer and healthier.

In regards to sex & relationships, Men’s Health provides comprehensive coverage of the steps a man needs to take to keep his sexual attraction alive. For example, “The Girl Next Door” is a special column by Nicole Beland, who casts light on men’s questions about women from a female perspective.

Men’s Health is loaded with comprehensive instructions for mastering the world’s greatest exercises. Some of its regular articles include “How Fit Are You?” which interviews top athletes to know how they got to the top in terms of speed, endurance, power, and agility; “Secrets from America’s Top Gyms” that includes an annual list of America’s best gyms as well as America’s 50 best personal trainers revealing their secrets for muscle building; “Style Guide” that includes a guide through the best products for good looking appearance; and “Men and Their Cars: A Love Story” that includes a full guide of advantages about specific types of cars.

On the other hand, Men’s Health has been heavily criticized for relentlessly focusing on developing the perfect body, increasing men’s anxieties about building the perfect body. According to some psychologists, these angsts can make men more vulnerable to eating disorders and neurotic over-exercising.

Personally, I have read Men’s Health quite sometimes as my boyfriend is one of its most dedicated fans. My first impression – although I’m no expert and definitely not a man – is that it provides great health advice, what to eat, women, fitness, cardio, sports and so on, plus it features a hotshot celebrity on its cover every month along with an excellent article about how they stay fit.

However, looking back on past issues, I sense that something is missing. Most likely is the sharp pen of Greg Gutfeld and Denis Boyles, who didn’t compromise at the expense of advertisement and wrote the truth as it was, and not as the readers would probably want to read it. My latest impression is that Men’s Health sacrifices quality at the expense of political correctness. And to some people, this is enough to give negative reviews to the magazine. Other than that, it remains a well-rounded magazine. So, give it a shot.

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