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Sports affairs: 2010 and sports personalities

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For ages, physical activity is considered good for human health and is a source of building personality. Today, it also depicts National pride and prestige. Government, both national and international, supports the promotion of sports and has put forward various programmes that promote this field and coaching centre and expose the players to the competition. Here are some of the sports-related achievements and failures in current affairs of 2010, the sports personalities in the picture and more.

Sports Current News:

Cricket: Rumours had it that organisers had removed cricket from the 2014 Asian Games because the Olympic Committee had decided to keep a maximum of 35 games in the event. However, these rumours were false as OCA recently confirmed that cricket and Karate are two confirmed sports in the non-Olympic events.

Motor Racing: The recent popular sports personality Fernando Alonso of Ferrari, because of his recent achievements, was expected to be the possible winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand pix but to the surprise of many, the title slipped from his hand to that of Vettel, considered being the youngest Formula 1 Champion in the history of F1 racing. He is just 23 years old.

Football: Chelsea again lost against Birmingham city. This is the third defeat out of the four matches Chelsea played, losing quite many fans. This win by Manchester United helped the team rank up in the English Premier League. Great achievement.

Tennis: The two outstanding sports personalities Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer continue holding their position in ATF rankings as number one and number two, while Kim Clijsters has fallen to the number three position in WTA rankings followed by Serena Williams. The great super sports personality Saina Nehwal wins the open series of Hong Kong. her record is far above any other female player

Cricket: the favourite of all, and the much-devoted sports personality Sachin Tendulkar Scored 50 centuries in the second innings of the first test match against South Africa. He scored off 196 balls, an awesome score of 12 fours and 1 six. Since the team had lost in the first innings, this was a great victory.

Above are given some of the sports current affairs 2010 with the achievements and losses of some great sports personalities.

If you are interested in getting the latest news on current affairs, there are several media options that provide sports news and the latest updates on sports personalities.

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