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Sports Camps

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What do you think of when you think of sports camps? Most of us think of the summer camps that we went to as kids. Keep in mind that sports camp weren’t all that popular back when we were kids. Most camps consisted of a few activities and a few volunteer counsellors to attend to the sugar- high loaded kids that had been dumped on them for the summer. Sports camps are more modern and safer for kids than it was 20 years ago. Now there are just as many camps as there are sports.

Many of you would probably think of hockey, baseball, basketball, football, fishing, archery, and racing. If you play it, they have a camp for it. Even for the events that you may not think is a sport. Such as horseback riding, jumping, showing, or even hunting is considered a sport. They are not just for the athletes anymore. They are for anyone who has any interest in sports. Many people join sports camps to become more active and to have healthier lives.

Camps are beneficial for many reasons. Athletes take advantage of them to stay in shape and improve their skills for the next season, and parents see them as social playgrounds for their children to meet and make new friends and quite possibly learn the skills to become the next greatest player. Not only will they learn the skills of sports, but they will also learn skills of socialization and sportsmanship. Those who play as a team benefit the most.

Most camps provide their own equipment and activities for the campers to enjoy. Camps usually only last a few weeks out of the summer, but a few last all summer long. Those are usually for the serious competitors looking to get an advantage on honing their skills to perfection.

Some campers may get an opportunity to meet a scout for a chance to play professionally, and if all goes well, they could play for the big leagues. So when you are thinking of sending your children to camp for the summer, keep in mind that they can learn and have fun at the same time. Get them involved in choosing which camp they would like to join, and if they want, they can join more than one. I think children should be diverse in sports. Let them try more than one to see which they are best at.

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